The children arrive at 9 am and enjoy free outdoor playtime in the fully equipped garden under the supervision of the teachers.  This outdoor play time provides myriad ways of informal learning, such as bonding with peers, development of fine and gross motor skills, etc. Post that, the children gather in the amphitheatre for the morning assembly, where we sing various songs pertaining to different languages and religions.

The children along with their class teachers proceed to their respective classrooms around 10 am. Various activities are planned for students during this time period, which involve the enhancement of linguistic skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, spatial skills, musical skills, etc.

Tiffin time around 11 is the most awaited time by the children. Sitting in a circle and enjoying the food along with their friends and teachers is something that everyone loves.  Post the break, the children are again engaged in the age-appropriate activities including story telling, dance, hands on learning etc.  The dispersal of students takes place around 1 pm.


Pre Kindergarten

Age Group:

– Playgroup 1 to 2.5 years
– Nursery 2.5 to 3.5 years


– Monday to Friday- 9 am to 1 pm

The Pre-Kindergarten years are a period of extensive psychological development and the beginning of the development of numerous psychological skills that will be honed throughout young adulthood. The blooming nature of brain development at this age, which exhibits some of its most dynamic and elaborate morphological and physiological changes, is also characteristic of this age group.

The kids participate in activities that promote holistic development courtesy of our tailored, age-appropriate curriculum. Because brain stimulation is at its optimum at this age, play, language, and exploratory activities are used to promote brain development in ways that are conducive to easy learning and retention.

The majority of kids are starting school for the first time. By introducing children to the school environment through a variety of enjoyable group activities, we help them become accustomed to it and associate their learnings with the element of “fun to learn”.

Children are encouraged to communicate with their peers and teachers in order to develop their vernacular abilities. A lot of age-appropriate motor skill activities are conducted so as to ensure effective brain function and coordination. It also ensures a smooth transition to the more structured and skill-driven learning expectations of the Kindergarten year.


Age Group:

Junior K.G. 3.5 to 4.5 years
Senior K.G. 4.5 to 5.5 years


– Monday to Friday- 9 am to 1 pm

Children are eager to learn and explore in this age. The curriculum is designed to develop their skills of problem solving, inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on explorations. We at Tiger Cubs, believe that each child is unique,  so our curriculum is designed specifically to meet the children with their particular learning style. Every looker, listener and mover child gets to learn in his natural way here at TC.

Our play-based, structured approach makes it simple  for them to study mathematics, science, writing, and language. The foundation for learning and living in later years is ensured through the development of academic and life skills as well as sports. Throughout the year, our students get to participate and experience different activities related to performing arts in front of a large audience. No wonder our Kindergarteners look forward to coming to school everyday!


Age Group

Children: 3 months to 12 years.


– Monday to Friday- 9 am to 7 pm
(10 hours)

– Saturday- 9 am to 2 pm
(5 hours)

For young children to develop solid attachment ties, their caregivers must be reliable. Young children benefit from spending time with peers under supervision since they love socializing with them. The catch is that the monitoring, the setting, and the caretakers must all adhere to all the guidelines that are at least at par with those found at home. Our daycare can therefore be viewed as an addition to the family and a stepping stone to experiences in the larger community. In many ways, it’s a home away from home where children engage in multiple learning activities and develop lasting bonds. The happy and safe environment provided at our facility helps the children develop emotional intelligence and independence from very early age. The structure and routine at the our daycare give children a sense of stability and familiarity each day.  By following set schedules for snack time, naps, and activities, the children invariably learn to follow a routine that teaches children discipline around their daily tasks and a sense of consistency that allows them to feel more emotionally secure.

Parents love to see their children  laugh, learn and play at one of the most safe daycare facilities in Wakad.


In order to better comprehend the children's innate talents, our curriculum is built on the child's creative growth of the brain throughout all of Howard Gardner's Multiple Centres of Intelligence. They have a higher chance of figuring out how to meet their personal and professional goals as a result.

(People Smart)

We encourage group work and provide instruction in collaborative skills. We promote the use of empathy and interpersonal communication in their daily lives. They become good team players and also empathetic and accommodative towards their peers.

(Musical Smart)

Activities involving the use of musical instruments and instrument sounds induce better cognitive brain function. We encourage the children to try their hands at creating songs, musical compositions, and performances.

(Body Smart)

Our meticulously designed activities make use of role-playing, miming, or charade games. Additionally, we emphasize physical exercise, dance, and yoga. We have a sports expert on board for the children to gain exposure to various sports and develop an aptitude for sports.

(Nature Smart)

We have a garden space outside of our classrooms so the cubs may stay in touch with nature. We frequently incorporate outdoor pursuits like nature walks and outdoor play, watching and observing trees, leaves and stone collecting, and sowing seeds.

(Word Smart)

We make sure there are lots of opportunities to read and provide exposure to numerous Indian and foreign languages. We organise class discussions and allow for formal speaking occasions.

(Number/Reasoning Smart)

We include possibilities for calculation-based problem-solving and design exercises like block play, puzzles. Abstract maths is made concrete by various maths games and activities, utilising patterns or logic games. We develop updated versions of reasoning games that teach kids how to sum up fresh information in an outline structure.

(Self Smart)

We include yoga sessions and meditation practices that allow for a lot of introspection and mindfulness. This helps kids to remain grounded and feel at ease.

(Picture Smart)

For better understanding, we make use of verbal imagery, guided visualisation. We provide children the chance to express themselves artistically utilising a range of mediums, including paint, clay, sand, and more. The exercises allow for imaginative or fantasy-driven expression and include collages for visual depictions.



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